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Titanium Twisted Tube
Titanium Twisted Tube Titanium Twisted Tube Titanium Twisted Tube Titanium Twisted Tube Titanium Twisted Tube

Titanium Twisted Tube

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Product Attributes :



Outside diameter

9.52   mm-50.00 mm

Wall thickness

0.53 –   2.0 mm


15 m or   more or less

Temperature range

- 50°C -200°C

Working pressure

3.5 Mpa


Water   tank, boiler, heat exchanger unit, absorption type refrigerator, turbo   refrigerator and screw refrigerators; distillation facility with multiple   effects etc.


Product Description

Titanium Twisted Tube is a new technology in China. Now we can make the diameter is Φ12.7mm to Φ50mm, thickness is 0.6mm, 0.8mm or1.0mm


Compare to the normal titanium heat exchanger, titanium twisted tube one can be their 1.3-2.6times

Comparing between normal titanium heat exchanger and titanium twisted tube heat exchanger:

Titanium straight tube

Titanium Twisted Tube

heat exchange area


The proportion of titanium straight tube and titanium   threaded pipe is 1.3:1. After rolling into 1 meter titanium threaded tubingit need 1.3   meter titanium straight tube (The ratio has a direct relationship with the   depth and the quantity of thread)

Water flow rate

Small resistance and fast speed

Its heat transfer time is long, because the big   resistance and slow velocity when the medium through the internal thread   channel.

Turbulent reactive

Molecular activity in general when kick through the   smooth surface,

the molecules activity will be increased which   turbulent in the wake of screw channel.

Cleanse scale


Turbulence form rotating flushing, which increased   cleaning scales ability

The structure, size, welding head


It can swaps without preconditions with titanium   straight tube, but it needs smaller volume, because of the high efficiency.

The total thermal efficiency


It is 1.3—2.6 times for titanium straight tube. (The   factors has a direct relationship with the depth and the quantity of thread)

titanium twisted tube 6.png

Titanium Twisted Tube Features:

1.High efficiency, coefficient up to 10000 W/m^2*deg.C, Heat  transfer  capacity 1.3-2.6 times traditional tubes.

2.Compact configure, occupy small area  ,one tenth as the traditional equipments.

3.Titanium material, endure high temperature, pressure and corruption.

4.Design flux speed is 5.5m/s, less dirt.

5.ASME standard

6.Easy clean and maintain

7.Big flow volume


9.Fully welded construction.

10.Easy installation and durable.

Titanium Twisted Tube Application:

1.Food industry: Juices, beverages, sauces, dairy,deserts, fruit puree, whole fruit, catering, convenient food, pasteurization.
2.Industry: Chemical, petrochemical, polymers,heating, cooling, condensation, crystallization,evaporation, energy recovery.
3.Environmental: Waste water, environmental waste concentration, evaporation, sludge, pasteurization.
4.Bio-energy: Bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, cogeneration.

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