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Titanium Welded Tube Advantages

Titanium Welded Tube Advantages

Titanium Welded Tube Advantages:

Comparing to the titanium seamless tube, the titanium welded tube has lots of advantages as below:


1, Simpler production processes:

o    Titanium Welded Tube:  Titanium Stripe - welding - inline heat treating- inline eddy current test - straigtening - 100%NDT test - ends plain - final inspection. Click here to check the process flow chart of titanium welded tube.

o    Titanium Seamless Tube: Titanium Rod - perforation or hot extrusion - several proccesses of cold drawn - heat treatment - cold rolling - again several processes of cold drawn - precision cold rolling - heat treatment - pickling - 100%NDT test - ends plain - final inspection.

We will see that titanium welded tube has less processes of production, and all of the import processes of production in-line processes. This will help to minimize any quality issues during the different processes of handling.


2, Much more even wall thinkess:

o    Titanium welded tube was made from the titanium stripe, which was produced by the cold rolling machines, commonly for the regular cold rolling machines, the thickness tolerance can be controled within ±0.05mm, and if you need better thickness tolerance, it could be as better as ±0.02mm. For some special requirements in very strict tolerance, the stripe could be manufactured without tolerance by twenty-high roll mill, but commonly it's not for titanium welded tube using purpose.


However, for the titanium seamless tube, it's made from titanium rod by perforation or  hot extrusion, then mills will do cold drawing or cold rolling to manufacture the size customers need. However, commonly most of the seamless factories will control the wall thickness to be ±10%, or even ±20%.  Those fatories also have abilities to control the seamless tube wall thickness much even, but it will cause high cost and much longer delivery time.


3, Better anti-corrosion performance:

o    Benefited from the better wall thickness tolerance, the titanium welded tube has better anti-corrosion performance. The corrosion will always most probably happen at the part of the thinner wall. Since the titanium welded tube has better wall thickness tolerance, under the same working enviroment, the titanium welded tube will have better anti-corrosion performance.


4, Faster delivery performance:

o    Based on the different features of the manufacturing processes, the titanium welded tube has better delivery performance because it's continuously production, seamless tube must be proceed step by step, it needs longer delivery.

5, Cheaper price:

o    It's not a secret that titanium welded tube has cheaper price compring to the titanium welded tube based on same workable situtaion.


Above are 5 points of the advantages of titanium welded tube, I will have more to share in my next articles.

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